Why you need to brand yourself

Any marketing professional these days knows one thing is more important than anything else; Brand.

However, there is much mystery and lack of definition packed into this little word that it makes our heads spin. So let’s unpack what “Brand” is and how it can work for you and your salon.

First of all, let’s understand what a brand is. It’s easiest defined as “How you are perceived by your clientele at every touchpoint”. So, what does that mean exactly? Let’s paint a basic picture of how branding is born from a client’s perspective.

Somebody walks by your salon on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Your salon’s door is open and the music, laughter and aromas of your shop are spilling out onto the street. Within an instant, that person puts your business into a place in their mind based on your choice in music and products and BOOM, you’ve already branded yourself. Playing heavy metal? That makes you a rocker salon pumping out cutting edge looks for the young. Loaded with essential oils? That places you in a peaceful, restorative world where people come to melt away stress.

That person gets home and finds an ad in a local magazine for your salon and have another impression of your business. Then they meet a friend who had their services done at your salon. Finally, they see your team doing services for a local fund-raising fashion show.

The picture we’re painting is one person having multiple impressions of your business in different settings and through different senses.

Fast forward to the day they choose to come into your salon to book a service or buy a gift card. This is where your brand has done it’s job. It has connected to the heart and mind of this person and you’re about to gain a new client.

The key here is the consistency of your brand. Remember that music you were playing when they walked by your salon? That matched everything else they were impressed by as they discovered your business. And when they finally walked into your space, if everything came together in a perfect package, they booked or bought.

When you are developing your brand, consider every touchpoint potential, existing and even former clients experience. Think of everything from your sign to how you answer the phone, from the music you play to the tone of your social media posts.

Like you, your brand is a complete package that needs to look great from all angles.