Sending chemical service ingredients to your clients is not recommended

There have been several reports coming to our office about salons, stylists and colour technicians sending colour chemicals to clients to self-apply during the COVID-19 closure. The BeautyCouncil is recommending against this and strongly discourages the practice. There are three main reasons:

  • You may harm your client
  • You may be sued and be without coverage
  • You are being unprofessional

You may harm your client

Salon-specific colour chemicals are designed to be applied by a trained professional. Having your client apply chemicals to their hair with an untrained hand (and probably their own) could result in damage to the scalp, over-processing, breakage, thinning, and so much more. Burns, allergic reactions and more severe problems such as contact with eyes could harm your client. If you have any sense of professional responsibly, you will not provide chemicals designed for salon use for clients to apply on their own heads.

You may be sued and be without coverage

While you may be covered for liability, most insurance policies have limits around where the damage or harm occurs, and the intent behind it.

First of all, the location is important. It’s one thing if your styling chair falls suddenly or your esthetics bed collapses in your location, but totally different if harm happens outside your normal established working space. Unless you have very specific allowances for remote use liability, your insurance may not cover you for liability outside your usual place of work.

Secondly, having a case arise because you acted with disregard to the safety of a client could nullify your policy. If you are not in control of potentially dangerous chemicals and your client gets hurt, a lawyer could easily argue you acted without due care and your insurance may be withdrawn.

A libel case could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars and likely be the end of your career. Besides, you may harm someone which is almost worse than the fine.

You are being unprofessional

Imagine you have a toothache and your dentist sends over a drill and some goop to patch things up. You would never imagine drilling your own teeth, and a professional dentist would have their career ended with a move like that.

As a beauty professional, you are responsible for the application of services and products on your clients. There is no place for the client to be self-administering chemicals on their heads or any other process for hair, skin, or nails.

Stand up for your professional training and reputation. Let the roots grow and the eyebrows go a bit wild. This is a time for all of us to step back and trust the process. 

If you would like to report a breach of the health orders, please call Vancouver Coastal Health Authority at 604.983.6700