A Renewed Call for Certification in the Cosmetology Industry

In the last couple of days, we have heard a renewed call for Certification in the Cosmetology Industry.  This came in the form of a couple of articles from CBC in Edmonton and radio interview with News Talk 770 in Calgary.  

We find it alarming that the entire Cosmetology Industry in BC and the Esthetics and Nail Technician Industries in Alberta are completely unregulated, meaning that anyone can open and run a business, in which they are putting chemicals on people's bodies and touching them more than most doctors do during the average visit, without any sort of formal education or licensing.  While this is the case, we do stress that it is a good idea for all Cosmetologists who have attended a reputable school either here or abroad to take our Certificate of Qualification examination and BeautySafe (which is an online course teaching proper sanitation and hygiene) in their chosen field.  This will show the respective governments of BC and Alberta that, as a whole, the industry does want to be regulated to promote a higher quality of care to the clients who use their services.

You can find the articles and interview here:



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