Marion Shaw, CCP
I have been in the professional beauty industry for my whole working life. Firstly, as a hairstylist, then a salon owner, educator and now a salon business consultant, trainer and author of 2 books for the industry. I believe we need a strong association in order to elevate the standards in our industry. Since deregulation, there has been a decline in Beauty Council membership and also in the professionalism and quality of many of the salons in B.C. We need to provide education and support for all aspects of the industry in order to make Beauty Council a real asset to it’s members. AS an experienced beauty professional who sat on the board 5 years ago, I believe now, as I did then, that our association needs to become a great resource and something that all industry professionals want to be a part of rather than have to be. I believe that being on the board I will be able to bring ideas to the table to further the success of our industry and the growth of the association in general. I am a team player and welcome the opportunity to work with other board members in order to increase the membership and provide members with meaningful information to further their success.




Bruce Peters, CCP
Bruce is a 3rd generation hairdresser and has 31 years in this wonderful profession. He owns and operates Zazou Salon and Spa in North Vancouver. He opened Zazou in 1992 with one employee and has now grown to 37 staff members. His salon has a full time apprenticeship program and generates profits that are 3X the industry average. His staff retention is double the industry average.

Under his leadership Zazou has been voted Best Salon on the North Shore in 2015 and has received a NAHA Master of Business Award as well as being nominated for the John Steinberg Award.
Bruce is committed to helping build the professionalism of our industry and the earning power of those working in the trade. He is a passionate advocate for mentoring young talent and improving the economic realities of salons and spas. He is a believer in the value of continued education and personal development and was one of the first salon owners to be coached by Neil Ducoff of Strategies.
He also believes in giving back to the community and has raised over $100,000 for the North Shore Association for the Mentally Handicapped.




Alberto Cirillo, CCP

His 37 combined years in the Cosmetology industry have given him a unique perspective as both a salon owner and a coach. After running a business for 28 years, he has gained copious amounts of knowledge that have led him to begin teaching other salon owners throughout North America how to run a successful business. He has given them the tools needed, teaching them systems that can be implemented in their salons to grow a successful business. These systems include marketing, client retention, employee management, and financial management.


Alberto's past board experiences include the involvement on the Administrative Council of the Italian Mutual Aid Society in the capacities of Vice President, Secretary Treasurer and Event’s Co-ordinator. This has led him to become well versed in decision making in a team setting, and to undertake responsibilities where needed.




Launie Morgan, CCP 

Launie has been active in the Cosmetology Industry for over 30 years as a professional in her trade as well as instruction in schools for over 20 of those years, with her presently managing the operations of Mark Anthony Academy of Cosmetology.


Launie has been a member with Beauty Council since moving here from Alberta in 1996, in Esthetics and Nail Technology.  


She takes great pride in saying, “We need to stand together to gain back the dignity and pride we once held in this industry and build back the confidence we need with our customers.” 


Launie is a strong believer in regulation of this Industry even if it means self-regulation.



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